Damien Revealed

Over the past several months, I’ve been getting to know Damien a little better.  He seems shy, but I think it’s that kind of shy where once you get to know him, you find that he really isn’t shy at all.  I usually see him hiding in the shadows, under ledges, just around the corner or peering down from rooftops, just watching, almost like he is waiting for something.

Damien looks like a cross between a puma and a wolf.  His front half looks very much like that of a puma, except his ears are more like a wolf’s ears.  Damien usually keeps his ears back against his head, but they do perk up on occasion when something catches his attention.  Damien looks like a wolf from the back.  His fur is all black.

Damien’s eyes are typical of a puma, mostly round but somewhat slanted, especially when he squints.  They are yellow with black pupils.  When I happen to catch Damien in the right light, his eyes can gleam a bright yellow.  This is especially disconcerting when he looks right at me.

Damien has whiskers and his face is cat-like, but if you look at his mouth, it’s all wolf.  His fangs are huge.  On the rare occasion that I see Damien in the light, they glisten.  When I see Damien in the dark, it is almost like a red glow emanates from his mouth, and his teeth and fangs are well-defined and stark black in contrast.

Damien’s claws are more like a wolf’s than a puma’s, but they are very sharp.  His paws are similar to that of a puma, flexible at the joints, allowing him to grab things and hold onto them even though his claws are not retractable.

Most of the time when I see Damien, he is slinking around, moving silently and smoothly.  He tends to lurk about, staying quietly just out of sight.   When something gets his attention, Damien is not afraid to be seen.  He is fast.  I have seen him stalk his prey and pounce like a cat, but he also runs like a wolf.

Damien has great strength.  I can see it in his build.  I have seen him use this strength.  When Damien comes out of the shadows, he is fierce.  I think it may be his protective instinct that draws him out, since he typically comes out to attack something.  I do sense a gentle side to his nature, even though he hides it well.  Maybe he is not willing to show me this side yet.

Damien is not good or bad; he just is.  What impresses me most about Damien is his power.  It is immense and boundless.  I’m not sure that Damien knows just how much power he has, or how to use it.  If I had to describe Damien in one word, it would be “powerful.”


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