My First Freestyle Piece

I’m a fighter
Take me on
I’ll kick your butt
And then be gone
I’m a fighter
Knock me down
I’ll get back up
I’ll come around
I’m a fighter
Do me wrong
I’ll make it righter
Cuz I’m a fighter
I’m a fighter
Faced with fight or flight
I choose wisely
I choose right
I’m a fighter
If I choose to fly
Just watch your back
And don’t ask why
I’m a fighter
I didn’t choose it
Now I’m learning
How to use it
I’m a fighter
It’s who I am
Buried deep inside
This part resides
I’m a fighter
It’s not a choice
It’s a calling
From an inner voice
I’m a fighter
It’s in my blood
It’s in my heart
It’s my given part
I’m a fighter
I can like it or not
But that’s the card I got
I’m a fighter
I’m a fighter
I won’t lay down and die
I will always try
I’m a fighter
I’m a fighter

One response to “My First Freestyle Piece

  1. I wrote this at 2am last night. I had an idea for a poem and even developed 2 verses trying to keep my thoughts positive as I was trying to sleep the previous night. I didn’t write it down, thinking, “there’s no way I’ll forget this.” Last night I did not make the same mistake again. MUSIC has inspired me to write. MUSIC steered me toward poetry. I don’t know how to write a poem. Daniel Johnston, according to his bio, was disappointed when he learned that he couldn’t sing but that didn’t stop HIM. He had record labels fighting over him while he was in a psych ward… Look at him now!


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