Damien as a Housepet?

“Yes, you can.”  The words were uttered in the gentlest voice, but nonetheless, I was startled.  This voice was foreign to me, haunting, and almost as if it came from inside my own head.  I went back to staring at the pavement some 15 feet below my feet dangling over the ledge.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be alone or around people so I went to a secluded spot at the edge of the park where I could SEE people.


Yes, you can.”  There it was again.  This time a little firmer on the “yes” part but still very gentle.  Then I felt him and as I turned my head, I could see Damien’s tail as he slunk away.  At this point, I realized where I was.  I was sitting on the very same ledge under which Damien likes to lurk.  As I stared down at the pavement below, my face must have betrayed my thoughts – that I just can’t handle all the curve balls life throws at me.  This was the first time I’d heard Damien’s voice.  It was… well I didn’t think he could speak, and certainly not what I was expecting if he could.


Damien was there when I needed someone but didn’t want someone.  In the past, I’ve pondered trying to take in Damien as a pet.  He seems to be trainable and he’s very loyal.  But as I watched Damien walk away, I knew that Damien will NEVER be anyone’s pet.  He might make a great guard dog but he has the aloofness of a cat, which makes him quite unique.  But the biggest part of Damien’s personality is “wild beast.”  This wild beast aspect to Damien has led to him somehow being trapped in that cage.  I was thinking that if I took him in, maybe I could help tame the inner beast and keep him out of that dreadful cage.  But after seeing that retreating tail, it hit me that this would be a ginormously bad idea.  That wild beast has done some amazing things too.


What would Damien be without his inner beast?  He would be nothing.  It is clear to me that Damien needs to be free to be what he is, even if it means he ends up in that horrible little cage sometimes.  Damien can learn to survive in this world into which he was unwittingly dropped.  Without being a house-pet, he could even learn to THRIVE. Sure, he will make mistakes along the way, but that’s a part of life.  Domesticate Damien and you take away his spirit, his power, his inner being.  You are left with nothing but an empty shell – a decorative ornamental house-pet.  That is NOT Damien.  Hopefully, that is something that Damien will never be.  Damien was born to be free.


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