Exploring Damien’s World

The world in which Damien lives has quite a simple layout, really. At the center, there exists a cluster of buildings that serve various functions. Most of the people in this world stay near the buildings. For them, the buildings emanate a sense of safety. The buildings don’t do much for Damien but he is drawn toward them because of the neatness and sense of order. The high concentration of people near the buildings gives off a bad vibe to Damien. Damien often feels himself pulled in multiple directions, wanting the both the order created by the people and their buildings and the safe familiarity that exists in the forest. Today, while looking for Damien, I walked among the buildings trying to see the world through Damien’s eyes. The people were mainly faceless. They were cold, uncaring and would not hesitate to step on you to get where they were going. I didn’t find Damien in the streets today. The creatures from the forest rarely venture into the streets.

Surrounding the buildings, there is a park. It acts as a buffer between the buildings and the forest. Lately, this is where I’ve been finding Damien. The park consists of a strip of land with open fields, flower beds, bushes, small groves of trees and paths, all perfectly manicured. There are signs at the edges of the forest that read “Danger” and “Keep Out.” Damien thinks the signs ought to be facing the opposite direction. The creatures in the forest mostly stay in the forest. Damien is one of the few to venture out.

As usual, I found Damien in the park today, but this time was different. Normally, his gleaming eyes are the first thing I spot. He is usually crouched under a ledge or behind a bush. Today I saw his tail first. Damien was resting in the tall grass just outside the forest. Something was wrong. Damien just doesn’t leave himself exposed like that. I ran to him.

“Damien,” I cried, “What happened?”

“He got into a fight with his reflection again. This time it was rather nasty and the glass broke.”

The voice was all wrong. It was small and a bit squeaky and nothing at all like Damien.

“Damien got hurt pretty badly and people were chasing him. I tried to get him to the forest but he was confused and this is as far as I –”

Just then I saw it. The voice belonged to a small red creature that had just emerged from beneath one of Damien’s ears. It almost looked like a miniature dragon. I rudely interrupted mid-sentence.

“What are you?” I exclaimed.

“I am Te,” the dragon creature retorted. Before I could make a stink about that being the who not the what, Te said, “You are obviously a friend. Quit staring and help me move Damien to the forest!”


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