Deep in the depths of despair
Coldness fills the heavy air
Dark sounds fill my ears
The only thing that I can hear
My entire world in disrepair

Beneath smoldering ruins the ashes lie
While thick dark smoke fills the sky
Bright colors all turned to black
Can’t seem to find a way back
All that’s living starts to die

Freshly sprouted wings attempt to fly
Destined to fail with each new try
Spiraling down again and again
Each beginning is a new dead-end
Every truth is just a lie

Above the ruins smoke continues to rise
Reaching upward toward the sky
Thick and black it clogs the lungs
Completely blotting out the sun
Paving the way for complete demise

Above the smoke dark clouds roll in
Swiftly propelled by the rising wind
Thunder cracks and lightning flashes
Huge drops of rain soak the ashes
The ruins become dilute and thin

The storm seems never-ending
Hot and cold keep blending
Stability is just a dream
Nothing is as it seems
Reality just keeps bending

As the winds blow the clouds past
Something rises from the ash
Wings had time to grow
But the pace is far too slow
And wet wings will surely crash

The storm caused an epic flood
Washing away the tears sweat and blood
Once used to build something great
This has become my fate
An empire reduced to mud

The storm was brought by winds of change
Meant to shake up and rearrange
In the vast stretches of endless mud
A sprout appears with a single bud
Nourished by the ashes and rains

Clouds part to reveal the sky
Wet wings begin to dry
New beginnings follow each end
After the soul has time to mend
Someday those wings will fly


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