The reaper’s at my back

My whole world is whack

The scythe I do not fear

Even when he’s near

His shadow covers me

So dark I cannot see

Though blind, I walk on by

Beneath his watchful eye

Sometimes I let him in

Serve drinks and dance with him

He’s always chasing me

He’ll never let me be

I feel no need to run

Someday my time will come

Stopped asking why I’m here

And opened up my ears

I had to turn around

And listen to the sound

It gave me strength to feel

It showed me what is real

It’s not my choice to make

It gave and it will take

Black hood knocks on my door

Don’t answer don’t ignore

Just listen and absorb

And tap into that force

It’s greater than myself

Flip through the cards I’m dealt

Don’t know how I’m alive

Death’s face I’ve memorized

Seen it too many times

And every time survived

Still have some things to do

Before my time is through

This thing inside has grown

Can’t do it on my own

The reaper stays nearby

Yet somehow I don’t die

Just find out who I am

Serve love the best I can

Serving self leads nowhere

But life will go somewhere

Because I am Hip Hop



4 responses to “Reaper

    • Um there is no wrong response? Thanks I’m glad you liked it. On the technical side though, you may want to delete your email signature before sending unless you want your contact info on my blog. I did it for you this time because I wasn’t sure.


    • Thanks. It’s only edited to the point where I changed a line while working on the pair to which it belongs. Most of what I put here is pretty rough I just sit down and write. I might polish and reuse some of it someday.


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