Three Letters Apart

Wow, this was never actually published to my blog.  I wrote it on 30 Nov 2013 and I believe it went out to email subscribers only. This was about something special, so I’m posting again, hoping it will work.  This time it’s for you, Kenny.  Thanks for teaching me how to growl.  I love you and I miss you and you will always be with me. 


Rage, a new discovery

Always there, deeply hidden

Courage known, sometimes confused

Events occur, related only by time

Leaving these words deeply intertwined

New curiosity bursts forth

Where did they come from?

How were they used?

Rage comes from latin rabies

Rooted in anger, fury, even madness

Courage comes from latin cor

Rooted in heart

Anger versus heart, how could that be?

Imagine my sadness

These words are only three letters apart

They must be related, I know in my heart

Heart, there lies the key

Middle English, used figuratively

Meaning the seat of all feelings

Ends up as what you really feel inside

Courage often denotes bravery today

But the word means so much more

Thus lies the confusion

A feeling of rage led to an act that took courage

How could something so bad lead to something so good?

Curiosity sparked by the literal

Courage encouraged on by a feeling that hides

A feeling of rage, real and true

This is the heart of courage

Good and bad, the feelings inside

Are what makes people go forth and do


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