Alright, as a homeowner with a few cracks that my skateboard will go over causing a failed sidewalk inspection, I appreciate the town itself charging reasonable rates to fix it themselves and giving you a year to do it. Maybe because they take a year to show up once you request it…

But as someone who has been walking to the train station down a moderately busy road in the street, knowing the very dangerous sidewalk in front of a business right near the walkway to the platform has had the same red spray paint on it since I moved in makes me think the law maybe shouldn’t be one size fits all. I was annoyed when I missed a train by 30 seconds because of traffic and a pond where it’s usually safer to walk than the sidewalk.

The other day I walked on it because of cars swerving around some police activity ahead and overcorrecting when getting back to their lane, practically driving onto the sidewalk itself. I asked an officer and of course no one saw me step in a hole and end up facedown on the obstacle course. I wish I knew more than my knee hurt at the time and could have caught the next train because I didn’t feel this until I was on the train. I said I was ok probably just a bruised knee and she said something about construction (none there though) and be careful. It was good advice that I was unfortunately already following.

This comes just as I have some great ideas for Damien starting to gel in my head and fewer migraine days where I can’t even look at my iPhone. Yeah there’s speech to text but with my mix of accents, the right words aren’t even suggested when it’s not sure. And it’s just not the same as writing, which I wish I could do with a pen and paper and use OCR but just writing out a check hurts.

And I’m a left handed texter! There is more coming, slowly. Damien is not the type to stay in the tree forever, especially with Te around and besides, he’s shredding it to pieces with his nightmares.

Perhaps shorter posts is the answer. Can’t use my awesome keyboard so I’m just going to have to hope things get published for real on iOS.

Is 2013 ever going to end? Seriously. 13 has been a lucky number for me but I guess 2013 isn’t the same number, now is it?

I’m still here though, still doing what I do. Why? Because I am Hip Hop. And you don’t stop!


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