All the progress I made
Lost, just like that
All my plans for today
Gone in a flash
Trapped, like a deer in the headlights
Unable to move
Caught, conflicted, crushed, confused
No idea what to do
Not even the slightest clue


7 responses to “Yesterday

    • Thank you. I struggle. I haven’t been the same since my last concussion and spending too much time on that stuff. I am moving forward again in life and I’ve had a few experiences recently that have shown me how much I’ve grown and sliding backward a little has reinforced my newly discovered inner strength each time it happens.

      I’m finding that I am writing even when I’m not actively writing. Though I’m in survival mode at the moment, I have been writing a little. Some of it isn’t meant to be shared with the world. I have a poem I just wrote about a tragedy that deeply affected me begging to be posted. Though it was written to honor a loved one and from my own perspective, I suspected a couple of borrowed words may be harmful to a handful of people who would find them meaning in them that no one else would despite using an alternate meaning and different context. After reading what I wrote and hearing both our voices mingle, I consulted the person I borrowed from. My gut was right. As much as my blog needs a post, the needs of the people I love who are in a fragile state and closer to the situation are much greater. So it will wait, as is, imperfect but finished. When the time is right, it will be there. I’m glad I asked. You really never know what you don’t know.

      I have a ton of stuff for my Damien story ready to be written when I’m able to look at a screen bigger than an iPhone long enough to write a coherent chunk of it. A real keyboard with that screen helps too… Hopefully soon.


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