I write because I’m right
And you don’t have the right
To stop me from using the right
To exercise my human rights

I write to preserve what is left
Of my humanity, the insanity
As I move to your right and
I will no longer yield to you

I will not stand for your
Condescending commands
I will stand up for myself
My sanity, my pride, my health

I won’t stand down anymore
I’ll march through that door
I’ll strip all the meaning from your
Demeaning demands, dismissively

I am done trying
To make sense of nonsense
That you spew as the truth
In the absence of proof

While you apply solvent
Meant to dissolve the glue
That binds together the few
Pieces of me that I let you see

You don’t have even the slightest clue
Maybe duct tape is all that can be seen
But I have aromatic bonds at my core
With values stable like benzene, only more

You can scrape me, cut me, bruise me
But you cannot break me no matter how hard you try
I’ve seen worse than you and did not die
Something huge really wants me alive

I really had much more to say
But I’m tired and it’s late
So fuck it I’m posting now
The rest can wait for another day

If your ego makes you think that this is aimed at you
That you matter enough for this kind of effort
Then who knows
Maybe it really is all about you


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