Oh What a Month


Surely something to remember

Wanting wishing waiting

Hopeful helpless hopeless hating

Constant change compromising coping

Ability absent alone astounded asking

Receiving receding into darkness eyes refusing

To stay open I can’t write it all I will fall

Asleep so quickly I will condense the rest

Confusing quickly moving missing losing gaining

My dad is the best made sure my needs were met

Carefully considering costly choices to fight

For a better future feeling foggy becoming lost

Wondering worrying is it worth the cost

Walking wearily wandering wherever

Wavering while weaving waywardly

Unknowingly undertaking unknowable undertakings

Willfully refusing survival insisting on life or death

Ready willing and able to fight to the end

September seems synonymous with fall

Not just change but losing it all

Hoping for the cycle, a new beginning

Choosing losing necessary for winning

Excited ignited passion pushing forward

Toward something better but September

Isn’t the only month to remember

Terrified petrified paralyzed by fear

Haunted by unwanted memories

November, December of last year

Feelings sting while unresolved issues cling

Like a giant hurdle it’s time

To jump into now be present here


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