Surprisingly Surreptitious Superficial Sacrificial Sacrilegious Screw this alliteration prefix pattern thing I have going

November’s post is great
Likely some of my most
Morbid stuff to date but
It isn’t done yet, wait what?

Then what is this you ask
It’s not what I worked on
For a month and didn’t finish
It’s me, not up to the task

You see it just doesn’t work
Without the end, like people
Like to think how I don’t work
And somehow now it’s the end

I could end it there, stop and be done
Cryptic, yes enough to make my point
But if you know me well you well know
Meandering, my style, I’ve just begun

See my lines they got longer
That crept in without intent
Just like the end of the month
Yet my message isn’t stronger

But I keep going I don’t know why
I work so hard and I really try
I’m getting nowhere, I’m almost there
Easily fooled, people want the lie

On Facebook my life looks great
On Twitter I’m a little bitter
Having fun with #MTA
But I’m back so things must be okay

I mean I’m getting out and about right?
Telling the world how great I’m doing
Isn’t that what social media is for?
Am I just fooling you by posting more?

Maybe I’m there because I’m bored
Maybe I’m there because I’m tired
And can’t afford the energy required
Just to write line number four

Easy as deceit may be it’s still tricky
Facebook Flickr WordPress Twitter
Hard to believe all of that is me, being
As real as is realistically possible to be

Sometimes the easiest lies we tell
Are the lies we tell ourselves, so
Unaware are we, so eager to believe
Blinded by the truth we can’t see

The amount of energy expended to lie
Grows with each day that passes
With the recipients keeping their
Heads neatly tucked up their assess

We try harder or risk getting caught
One lie to cover another as pile grows
Higher, it smothers us, stress shows
Us to lie smarter next time or just not

To lie to yourself is effortless to start
To maintain that lie takes much work
We are drained with no idea why
But within us, a darkness doth lurk

It’s hard enough to get caught in a lie
Buy what happens when it’s yourself?
Do you even try to evade and deny?
Or do you hear the inner cry for help?

Our own lies are the most dangerous
Our subconscious gets the best of us
They drain our soul until discovered
And can’t be covered with more lies

Catch this lie, you’re forced to choose
You can decide on active denial
But that takes effort too or you can
Just choose to accept some dark truth

They say the key to success is attitude
So I try to stay positive and strong
But I caught myself in a lie I was wrong
Truth is, honestly, I’m not


3 responses to “Surprisingly Surreptitious Superficial Sacrificial Sacrilegious Screw this alliteration prefix pattern thing I have going

  1. A great flow of words enchants me in this poem, but more so the ease of those words. It’s as real as it can get. Not just the meaning in crux but also the fact that words come so easily to our minds, they need not be called. Only the thought need be that strong. The emotion be that dedicated, and words will come, giving us as trees give, as rivers do, and leaving us bewildered at times….and you’re right to say you might not be wrong. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the kind words. I was surprised by the flow I was able to maintain in this one. It doesn’t flow perfectly and I think you have a sense where I intentionally disrupted the rhythm. You are correct in what you have said. This came from deep inside and is raw and was begging to come out. I’ve been listening to music by good lyricists lately and I’m sure that helped but this almost wrote itself.

      Almost nothing on this blog is edited beyond 2nd draft quality but the biggest edit on this was deleting the random characters when I fell asleep before I finished writing. I don’t think I even read what I wrote before publishing it. That’s NOT my usual workflow lol.

      The other post I’m working on is rooted from the same place inside but I started with an image and the simple act of finding a rhyming word gave way to some complex imagery and when I wrote this, I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going but at this point the story it tells is completely mapped out in my mind and I just need to finish the writing and oddly, it includes a river 🙂

      You are very perceptive. I’m glad you enjoyed this and I hope to write more that are like it in the future. Thanks again for the kind words.


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