Lid Flip 2

Why do I have so much hate in me
Why am I not just grateful to be
Alive after I survive every
Fucking thing that’s thrown at me
When everything just blows
Up in my face it’s still not enough
When life has me ready to explode
And I’m finally ready to open up
About the thing still tormenting me
Chipping away endlessly, relentlessly
Eating away at what’s left of my soul
Something horrible and terrible I know
I’ll never get over but how do I do it
How am I supposed to get through it
If I can’t talk about it
If I can’t scream about it
If I can’t shout about it
I can’t write about it
If I can’t share my story with the world
So how am I supposed to find
My way out of it on my own
Alone stuck inside my own mind
Nowhere to go so I just wander aimlessly
Buried in the shadows of who I used to be
What happened to happy-go-lucky me
I don’t even care about winning
I just want life to stop fucking me
And just let me go home or let me play
I don’t know I just don’t know anything
Maybe I just have to flip my lid
To put my head on straight again


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