Indestructible (June’s Post)


Life, the terminal disease
Life, a universal thing
Death, life’s one guarantee
Our spirits live on after we’re gone
Through the marks that we leave
Through the impressions we make
Through our successes
And of course, through our mistakes

We don’t have to be great
We just have to be
And so often can’t see
The difference we make
In the lives that we touch
That it matters so much
When we simply show up
So often we’re blind
To what we leave behind
Our gift is our presence
Pieces of us, in essence
Through others we can be
More than just a memory

Some spirits quickly fade away
While others are here to stay
It’s about what we give, not what we take
Some live on through what we create
What we leave when we leave may not be seen
It’s the invisible, not the physical
It’s the spiritual behind the material

I’m finding the real me
Eating at this table called life
For those who are here too
And haven’t been excused
Show me some things
Who are you
And what do you bring?