I stopped asking why
It was a pointless question
Why bad things happen

Even worse, “why me?”
Surely nothing good can come
From these questions, right?

Or so I was told
And so I believed until
I found the answer

Sleep on it, they say
When life’s perplexing riddles
Seem unsolvable

The simple act of
Stepping out of our own way
Often forgotten

Perhaps one of the
Most powerful tools we have
We don’t use enough

I thought my problem
Impossible and as such
I set it aside

I did not give up
Hands were not thrown in the air
To air frustration

Nor out of anger
Did I walk away from this
As some would assume

It was not worthwhile
I had better things to do
With my precious time

So I let it go
And I guess it kept going
While my back was turned

Pleasantly surprised
When suddenly it hit me
From out of nowhere

I had the answer
Now I keep it close to me
When I question life

You want to know why?
Because I can handle it
That is the answer